Grey, grey, grey is the colour of the day
2009 – 2011, 22 paintings
Watercolours and pencil on paper

Exhibition "Body Memory"
Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Center
Installation view, photo. Eleni Stergiou
Text: Syrago Tsiara

Is trauma colourful? Panos Balomenos proposes grey as the appropriate colour for revisiting the traumatic memory, difficult to grasp and represent: the trauma caused by any form of violence and power exercised upon working people, whether it is a sexual, mental or psychological one. The artist deploys a realistic language in order to narrate extreme and shocking scenes. Both men and women, dressed in grey elegant office suits, collapse due to the pressure they experience, are lead to prostitution so that they satisfy their superiors’ desires, or even display triumphantly their ‘hole cards’, in a sarcastic allegory of everyday violence that is not so often denounced.