Born in Athens, Greece, 1976
Lives and works between Helsinki, Finland and Athens, Greece

2003 - 2005. MFA in painting, Academy of Fine Arts - Kuvataideakatemia. Helsinki, Finland
2001 - 2003. BA in sculpture, State University of Visual Arts - Staedelschule. Frankfurt, Germany
1997 - 2001. BA in painting, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Milan, Italy
1995 - 1996. Seminars in the History of Arts of the 20th Century, Christies´ L.t.d. Athens, Greece

Solo shows
2022, In Guns We Trust. Myymälä2, Helsinki, Finland
2021, Me, myself and I. A trans, U-Kleistpark (U7), Berlin Germany
2020, Love&Money. hasan & partners. Helsinki, Finland
2019, Logical revolt (What if a dramaturge or a choreographer takes care of an exhibition?). Myymälä2. Helsinki, Finland
2018, In Camera. ARTag Gallery. Helsinki, Finland
2015, In memoriam of Naná Chantzí. Magito Studio. Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland
2011, Majestic People in Outstanding Places. Galleria TILA. Helsinki, Finland
2010, Fabrikken for kunst og Design. Copenhagen, Denmark
2009, Divine Pleasures. Galleri Sinne. Helsinki, Finland
2008, Love is an Elephant. Huuto Galleria (Viiskulma). Helsinki, Finland
2007, Hilma Havia - TARUtalli. TARUtalli Galleria. Helsinki, Finland
2004, Maalauksia ja installaatioita. Kuvataideakatemian Galleria. Helsinki, Finland

2022, Grapefruit. LALA. Athens, Greece
2018, Entirely imprimé. Communitism. Athens, Greece
2015, Black. Performance event "Angakoq II" at SIC Gallery in Helsinki, Finland
2011, Medea. Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland
2011, The artist’s wife. Fake Finn Festival in Gallery Augusta. Helsinki, Finland
2010, Entirely imprimé. Fabrikken for Kunst og Design. Copenhagen, Denmark
2009, New Art Contact. The Gallery of Cable Factory. Helsinki, Finland
2005, 9 women - WAM. Wäinö Aaltonen Museum. Turku, Finland
, 24 women - Suomenlinna. Rantakasarmin Galleria in Suomenlinna. Helsinki, Finland
, Marika sings for Panos. Huuto Galleria. Helsinki, Finland
2004, Minna L. Henriksson - HIAP. Art Hall of Helsinki, Finland

Group Shows
2022, JOULUBILEET. Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland
2022, DOUBLE WORLDS. Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland
2021, Secured - Politics of Bodies and Spaces. Vantaa Art Museum Artsi. Vantaa, Finland
2020, Gallery Etsivätoimisto. Veikkola, Finland
2019, Sex life. Saw Gallery. Ottawa, Canada
2018, The stories we tell. MAA-tila. Helsinki, Finland
2016, Pushing The Boundaries 3. Museum of Applied Art. Belgrade, Serbia
, Art Beats III. The Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre. Athens, Greece
, Territories of the South. Petros & Marika Kydoniefs Foundation. Andros, Greece
, Golden Frame. Art Athina. Athens, Greece
2015, Reunion. Poriginal Galleria. Pori, Finland
, New Present - XX Mänttä Art Fstival. Mänttä, Finland
2014, Reunion. Porvoo Arthall. Porvoo, Finland
, Stars & Lightning. Art Athina. Athens, Greece
, Body memory. Center for Contemporary Art. Thessaloniki, Greece
, Flower Power. Kallio Kunsthalle. Helsinki, Finland
2013, Art Fair Suomi. Cable Factory. Helsinki, Finland
2010, Do not Touch Please!. Vienna International Apartment. Brussels, Belgium
, Black and White. Bartesera. Athens, Greece
2009, New Art Contact. The Gallery of Cable Factory. Helsinki, Finland
, Art Fair Suomi 2009. Cable Factory. Helsinki, Finland
, Private Universes. Private apartment in Punavuorenkatu 2b 24 in Helsinki, Finland
2008, 9 VOICES 9 PLACES - FINLAND. Museum Baluarte de la Candelaria. Cádiz, Spain
, Art Fair Suomi 2008. Cable Factory. Helsinki, Finland
, 9 VOICES 9 PLACES - FINLAND. Institute Camões. Lisbon, Portugal
2007, Welcome to the Kingdom of Belgium. Vienna International Apartment. Brussels, Belgium
, Art Fair Suomi 2007, Muu Galleria. Helsinki, Finland
, The cat inside. Vienna International Apartment. Helsinki, Finland
2006, Songs of Freedom and Love. Platform Garantí. Istanbul, Turkey
, Songs of Freedom and Love. K2 - Center for Contemporary Art. Izmir, Turkey
2005, Archive Project. Lunds Konsthall. Lund, Sweden
, Voyage in Place. Vienna International Apartment. Turku, Finland
2004, Airjokkmokk - Flygplats. Gamla Apoteket. Jokkmokk, Sweden
, 12 dresses. Gamla Apoteket. Jokkmokk, Sweden
, Spring Exhibition 2004. Kaiku Galleria. Helsinki, Finland
, Finsair. Finse, Norway
2003, Skupltur Projekt - The class of Tobias Rehberger. Stadthaus Gallerie. Muenster, Germany
, Tracce di un seminario. Via Farini. Milan, Italy
, Rundgang 2003. Daimlerstrasse - Staedelschule. Frankfurt, Germany
2002, Via Libera, mostra di fine corso. Church of San Francesco. Como, Italy
, … Aus... Lola Montez Space. Frankfurt, Germany
, Rundgang 2002. Daimlerstrasse - Staedelschule. Frankfurt, Germany
2000, Salon 1. Palazzo della Permanente. Milan, Italy
1998, People & Communication. Spazio Hoepli. Milan, Italy

Muu ry. Helsinki, Finland
Helsingin Taiteilijaseura

Publications on newspapers and magazines (selected)
2021, 8.10.2021, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland
2020, 18.6.2020, Kirkkonummen Sanomat, Finland
, February, To Kraximo (special anniversary edition), Greece
2019, July, HB Magazine, Canada
2016, 30.7.2016, Kathimerini (exhibition at Kydoniefs Foundation on Andros island), Greece
, 27.7.2016, Efimerida ton suntakton (exhibition at Kydoniefs Foundation on Andros island), Greece
2015, 4/2015, Tiede & edistys (extensive article on artistic work), Finland
, 17.11.2015, Satakunnan Kanssa (exhibition Reunion), Finland
, 17.7.2015, Pohjalainen (exhibition Mänttä Art Festival), Finland
, 7.7.2015, Aamulehti (exhibition Mänttä Art Festival), Finland
, 18.6.2015, KMV lehti (exhibition Mänttä Art Festival), Finland
, 11.6.2015, Aamulehti (exhibition Mänttä Art Festival), Finland
2014, 3.10.2014, Borgåbladet (exhibition Reunion), Finland
, 5-6/2014 Soul Magazine (extensive article on artistic work), Greece
, 17.4.2014, Athens Voice (exhibition Body memory), Greece
, 1.4.2014, Aggelioforos (exhibition Body Memory), Greece
2010, 23.6.2010, Politiken (exhibition Majestic People in Outstanding Places), Denmark
, 19.5.2010, Politiken (exhibition-event Åbent hus), Denmark
2009, 10.2.2009, Kirkko ja Kaupunki (exhibition Taivaalliset nautinnot), Finland
, 18.1.2009, Helsingin Sanomat (exhibition 9 voices 9 places. Finland), Finland
2008, 1.2.2008, NyTid (exhibition Rakkaus on Elefantti), Finland
2005, 06/2005, Art - ist Magazine (issue on the Finnish Contemporary Art Scene), Turkey
2004, July, Gamla Apoteket in Jokkmokk, I Norbottens, Sweden
, March, critic on the work exhibited in Finse, Kuriren, Bergen, Norway
2003, Skulptur Projekt, Muenstersche Zeitung, Muenster, Germany
2002, June, …Aus…, Frankfurter Algemaine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
2001, June, article on exhibited works, Daidalos Magazine, Calabria, Italy

Bibliography (selected)
2017, Art Beats III, Onassis Scholars' Association, Greece
2016, PLoes 22 - Territories of the south, Greece
2008, Komeetoista Valaisiin. Master in Fine Arts students in Kuvataideakatemia 1995 - 2008, Finland
2006, Works by the students of Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland
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2000, Salon 1, catalogue from the exhibition issued by Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan, Italy

Workshops – seminars
2005, “Dispatched”. Umeå, Sweden
, “The Archive Project”. Malmö, Sweden
2004, “The Red Square in the Black Square”. Stockholm, Sweden
, “Nature and Culture - The Snow Seminar”. Finse, Norway
2003, “Who is the Story Teller - Narrativity in Young Nordic Art”. Bergen, Norway
2002, “The International Advanced Course of Visual Arts - 8th edition, visiting professor Giulio Paolini”. Fondazione Antonio Ratti. Como, Italy
2000, “Ornamentation for a cruise ship on the Nile”. Luxor, Egypt

2022, Finnish Cultural Foundation
2021, Kone Foundation
2021, Finnish Cultural Foundation
2020, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2019, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2018, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2016, Kone Foundation
2015, Föreningen Konstsamfundet
2014, Frame
2012, Arts Council of Finland
2011, Finnish Cultural Foundation
, Arts Council of Finland
2010, Arts Council of Finland
2008, Föreningen Konstsamfundet
, Arts Council of Finland
2007, Arts Council of Finland
2006, Arts Council of Finland
2005, Kuvataideakatemia. Helsinki, Finland
, Fondazione Antonio Ratti. Como Italy
2004, KUNO - Express. Stockholm, Sweden
2003, Alexander Onassis Foundation. (Athens - Liechtenstein - New York)
2001, Erasmus - Socrates/student´s mobility in Europe. Brussels, Belgium
2000, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Milan, Italy

Works in collections (selected)
HAM Helsinki Art Museum
City of Mänttä-Vilppula Collection, Finland
Itämerisäätiö/BMAG, Helsinki, Finland
Private Collections, Greece
Vienna International Apartment. Vienna - Turku - Helsinki - Brussels
Museo Comunale di Carnate, Carnate, Italy
Museo Comunale di Rovato, Rovato, Italy

2019, ASFA residency at Hydra Station, Hydra, Greece
2018, ASFA residency at Rethymno Station, Crete, Greece
2010, FAIR – Fabrikken for kunst og design. Copenhagen, Denmark
2004, Gamla Apoteket – Jokkmokk. Jokkmokk, Sweden
2002, Fondazione Antonio Ratti – 8th edition with Giulio Paolini. Como, Italy