Hilma Havia - TARUtalli, 2007

Event-performance presented on March 1st 2007, in TARUtalli Galleria in Helsinki, Finland.Installation piece and live performance.

Curtain made of silk textile.
Wooden table covered by silk textileMetal wheel adjusted on the table.
Dress made of silk textile.
Dimensions variable.

Documentation of the event/performance on video, DVD colour, 04:33 min. looping. Hilma Havia is standing in the gallery the day of the exhibition’s opening giving an optical and abstract narration of a story - her story.

The work is Homage to the female eroticism and classical portraiture based on the powerful ability of human kind to be identified to certain circumstances with the narration of personal stories.

The action of turning the wheel with a “crescendo” tempo – rhythm, is a metaphor of female masturbation and sexuality.