Minna L. Henriksson - HIAP, 2004

Event - performance presented in Taidehalli in Helsinki, Finland.

Dress and jacket-two pieces.
Elastic silk and acrylic threads.
Natural dimensions-size of the person.

The event - performance was presented on the day of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of HIAP (Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme) at the Taidehalli of Helsinki.
The work in a form of a tailor – made dress was executed as a contribution to both HIAP and
Minna L. Henriksson, which was its director in that period.

“I intended to transform Minna L. Henriksson into an elegant “diva” for just a single night.
Her appearance would represent her importance in the artistic society and the HIAP organization with a sense of luxury, exaggeration and formality.