9 women-WAM (Wäinö Aaltosen Museo), 2005

Event presented at Wäinö Aaltosen Museo on the 29th of September 2005.

Personas of the event:Päivi Kiiski-Finel, Marjo Aurekoski,
Suvi Mari Eteläinen, Heli Harni, Susanna Hujala, Joanna Kurth, Raakkel Närhi, Satu Reinikka, Anni Räsänen.
Pictures by Claudia Calabi.

9 costume-made dresses,
4 dresses in copper color, synthetic silk and orange woolen threads.
4 skirts in orange-brown polyester tulle.
5 dresses in silver color, synthetic silk, white woolen threads.
5 skirts in white polyester tulle.

The idea of the work was to involve physically the female staff of the Wäinö Aaltosen Museo in Turku, Finland, from the director to researcher, photographer, museum’s curator or exhibition’s coordinator.

For this purpose they were given tailor – made costumes done by the artist to wear especially for the day of the exhibition’s opening. The way the costumes were executed aimed to represent both the Museum’s character and their position in it as Museum’s employees.

Nine women took part in the role of the Museum’s hostesses and representatives for just one single evening during the private view of the exhibition entitled “Without Boundaries”.

Special thanks to
Claudia Calabi